Installation in collaboration with a prisoner at Neustrelitz young offenders' institute

6:00 alive checkup
6:18 got up
about three minutes I've needed to get dress, went to toilet then and started to watch TV
6:43 I put on water for tea, after this drinking the tea and watching TV
7:04 I get ready for work
7:15 I go off
about two minutes I need to get to the kitchen, I greet the folks in the kitchen
7:20 I change
about ten minutes I bum around in the break room or longer
about 7:45 we go to the back entrance to smoke one
about 8:00 work meeting, I've to do cheese sticks, drinking coffee in the break room
about ten minutes later: start to roll out puff past, to grate cheese and to beat egg yolk
about 9:00 breakfast, try lasagne that a prisoner warmed-up, drinking coffee
about 9:45 we go outside to smoke one
9:50 continue with cheese-sticks
11:00 lunch, cucumber salad and apple
about 11:20 to 11:45 chill in break room
11:45 go outside to smoke one
11:50 continue with cheese sticks
12:55 change for focus group
13:00 go to the toilet
after about four minutes I go with Mrs. to the animal husbandry and pick up the other participants and visit the horses
about 13:10 go back to the canteen, at the focus group we're talking about one hour about Scientology and read through material
about 14:10 we go smoking, talking more about the same shit
about 15:00 we go smoking and after this in the house, I get scanned
about 15:05 laying onto the bed, turn music on, "Blokkmonsta" and watch TV without sound
about 15:40 seat myself at the piano and play "Rondo alla turca"
about 16:00 fed up with this, going to S., drinking a coffee, smoking cigarettes
about 16:30 freehour, drinking coffee, smoking three cigarettes, blather with colleagues
about 18:00 supper, but have no hunger, make myself some cappuccino
about 18:10 exercise at the piano about a half hour
18:40 going down into the sport room
19:40 smoke one and take a shower
20:00 enclosure, watch TV, "Good times Bad times", "Big brother", "MTV Urban", smoke two cigarettes
23:00 TV stops, go to toilet, brush teeth, undress
about 23:20 going to kip

M. B. and Doreen Uhlig met at a piano recital at the Neustrelitz young offenders' institute in 2007. Since 2008, they have been working together on a series of PUBLICATIONS.

The exhibition shows a notation of a daily routine written by M. B. and the prisoner's electronic piano standing inside a schematic floor plan of his cell. At the same time, a recording of M. B. playing Mozart's "Rondo alla Turca" is played.

Todsünden (deadly sins)
Curated by Thomas Kaestle
St. Heinrich Church Hannover

15.11.2008 - 11.01.2009

Artist talk: 18.12.2008, 18:30 Uhr, St. Heinrich

Sincere thanks to David Pielmann, Georg Sender and to the other employees of the youth-penitentiary in Neustrelitz for their support of our work.

Many thanks to the Implementation Director for the appropriation of this collaboration and to the Security Director for the appropriation of the piano transport from the cell to the place of publication and back.
Special thanks to for the sponsorship of the project. Thanks, Rudi Fink!