Video installation in collaboration with Else Kola

– But maybe other people are interested in what I'm doing.
You have your mother's eyes.
– Do you already know, when you will come again?
The best time has been, when you were little children.
– Oh, I am so tired again.
You are my savings bank.
– Have you already done your homework?

Your eating only Organic-food is really overplayed.
– My "Umniza", my little pipsqueak.
It's also possible to phone in the evening with a cheaper line.
– I don't know yet, when I will finish.
I like to be your co-driver, because you are a safe driver.

This video work contains two parts, recorded simultaneously from opposite positions. It shows two people of different generations, in this case my grandmother and I, remembering and articulating sentences, which they have said and heard from each other many times. The process of speaking mirrors the process of recollection. In the gaps between the sentences the recollection of the audience gathers.

As an installation it has to be shown with 2 synchronized monitors, back to back. The audience can choose the perspective by changing their position.

Braunschweig, Germany

Kunstverein Langenhagen, Germany

Text LA GALLERIA DELL' AMORE / An act of love which brings embarrassment James Westcott, 2005