Performance / sound installation

With Sarah Braun, Birgit Eusterschulte, Gilta Jansen, Brigitte Law, Lotte Lindner, Sebastian Neubauer,
Franziska Wicke, Mirko Winkel

And how about you? You had a phone call now and he said you are complicated?


This is incredible.

I just wanted to know what the basic conditions are.-

But this is perfectly normal.

Yes. And then I was thinking: okay, the basic conditions are evident to me anyway, namely: actually I really want to go to Vienna. I planed this for such a long time and I want to meet the composers federation and actually I have to rest a little bit –

But this is THE chance.

Yes. Yes!
Yes. I think it is important to do something in Berlin, too.

Yes totally. This is totally important.

And therefore I thought, my dear, I send you. You just go and –

You don't send me! No, you have to do this. Also, what shall I do there? He invited you?

You do represent me. You just go there these five days and are there for me.

You, Leif called me and invited me to take part in an exhibition.


Yes, its here in Berlin, at Kunsthalle Lichtenberg and the problem is, it takes place already next Monday, not tomorrow, but the Monday after. And it will last five days long.

Okay. Oh my good, this is very spontaneous.

Yes. And the thing is, that actually this Monday I wanted to go to

to go to Vienna

to go to Vienna and I also have to meet the composers federation.

Can you delay this with the composers federation? But you do already have the ticket. Difficult. Did he say anything? Is it an interesting context?

I still do not know very much about this. If it is like I infer from the website, than there will be seperate five day long events taking place one after another, curated by different persons.


Dorothee Albrecht and Ludwig Seyfarth will launch or begin it, they are the people who initiated the project. The first exhibition after that is "Notes on Places" and it is curated by Elenna Lockward and Leif Magne Tangen -

The good thing is the experience. That one works with them and that he will see, what can function and what does not. I mean, this is the good thing about it. But it is also stupid, of course, in the briefness of time. This is also a little unfair. Or? In one week? Strange. Do you have a spontaneous idea?

I call you actually because I thought: I send you. In my name.

And as I told you, you can think about, what to do, I will not task you with something you will have to do there. This means, you can adjust to you completely. The only premise is: you have to do it in my name. So this is not totally right, I talked with Leif, with the curator, and he agrees basically, that I let somebody else do it for me, but none of the other art works should be destroyed or disturbed

Yes, this is clear, yes.

and not to lay violent hands on others. But besides this you really can decide free what you do want to do.


I will take, as I said, the responsibility. I am responsible.

Because of the responsibility I do have no problems. But it is like this, I think, I do have no conception or idea, what to perform or to demeanour means in relation to my own person. I fell overstrained. Quite simply.


I am very sorry to say this, but I think, it is really like this.

It is just a question how, how one –
for me the approach is too, that I react on the circumstances that I do have now –
the question is, could there be a kind of activity, that would also comply with your circumstances?

8 recordings of phone calls
Duration between 4 and 25 minutes

Installation: 8 Discman, each with one of 8 recordings, earphones
Equipment fixed at the wall, distributed at exhibition space
Played in a loop

Notes on Places
Curated by Leif Magne Tangen and Elenna Lockward

Kunsthalle Berlin Lichtenberg, Germany