Performance / sound installation

With the current lack of public money for education, health care and social security, the necessity of building a new
museum is often not understandable for the citizen, especially if the political interests and decisions are not clear.
Under these circumstances, the new museum for contemporary art and design MARTa Herford is one of the most
debatable building sites in this region.

During the opening of MARTa Herford a part of the construction work had to be continued in a closed part of the building.
Invisible to the public, Uhlig was located in this area. Using a walkie-talkie she read excerpts of protest letters against
MARTa Herford, published in the local newspapers. She selected single sentences or parts, which were representing a
meaning – but one that was hard to discuss or argue with:

“One needs more money for health system.”
“The people from Herford should have the possibility to express their opinions.”
“Its better to buy a simple, shapely watch, than an expensive art-watch."
“What's wrong with MARTa?”
“For the new building of MARTa one used money that is now missed for the necessary reconstruction work of our schools.”

The sentences could be heard at 7 places inside and outside the museum building, where a walkie-talkie (which worked
with the same frequency), a red chair and a short instruction for the public use were installed:
1. Please take a comfortable position.
2. Listen.
3. Speak

The public was actually asked to speak - but the sentences or answers that Uhlig was reading did not lay themselves open
to attack. What could one say? How could the public react? There was a forum for a dialogue but nothing really to say.
Certain speechlessness appeared.

Curated by Marina Abramovic

MARTa Herford