Performance / installation

Janet Grau and Doreen Uhlig lived during the 5 day long performance in an installation, which represented two
stylised and communicative related private rooms. During the whole duration of DEVOTION the performer would
forego any contact with communication media (telephone, TV, radio, internet, books, newspapers etc.) and they
also did not speak. Nevertheless the performer conducted a non-stop conversation in which they stitched slowly
and elaborated on several dresses.

The performer wore these dresses during the performance and following a clear system, they changed them with
every transfer of information. For this they used a transport system made from clotheslines and wire rope hoist,
which was part of the installation.

The performance was every time open for the public. The rooms where visible from outside and could be entered
by the audience. At the end a finisage took place, in which the Performance and the conducted conversation
(which was stitched) distributed on the three dresses, could be discussed.

Dresden, Germany
04.09.2001, 10 a.m. – 08.09.2001, 2 p.m.

Duration: 100 hours

DAS KLEID DER NACHBARIN Susanne Greinke, 2001 (in German)
[DIARY EXCERPTS] Laura Park, 2001 (in English)
SCHNECKENPOST Jutta Liesen, 2001 (in German)