Performance / sound installation

The conception of a NUIT BLANCHE is not only the gigantic attempt to keep one city sleepless and culturally
entertained for one whole night, it is also each individual body that is working as a cog in that mechanism that
tries to stay awake to keep the entire thing on running. The main aspect of this performance piece is an
investigation of the body. The body that behaves toward the conditions of concrete social, metaphorical and
biological circumstances.

A line of 9 chairs has been positioned at the border of the exhibition space. Having the whole space in the
viewpoint of both performers while sitting there with changing members of the public. The performers were
equipped visibly with microphones. In front of this line of chairs, on the other side of the space, a further 9 chairs
were situated, each equipped with earphones. Between both lines of chairs 5 performances of other artists took

During the 6 hours of the performance the performers have been facing the space, following the events. Before
this, they had deprived themselves of sleep for 60 hours. Under the unavoidable loss of control, Uhlig and Winkel
had conversations with varying members of the audience.

They referred to this concrete situation, about performance art, about the other works of this group exhibition,
about lack of sleep, about collapsing and the fortune to work. They made hard comments, awkward excuses,
demanding proclamations, gave critics, questions, explanations on the particular situation as much as on the
present public and on themselves.

I could say that it is profoundly in relation with a sensibility, difficult to describe with words.
Daniel Caux

Insomnia / Nuit Blanche
Curated by Marina Abramovic

Le Générateur, Paris

Duration: 60 + 6 hours